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Dear angel,

It's been quite a journey. We're past the eighteen month point now, and I can feel us getting closer and closer. Every day, I'm thankful that you're in my life. And every day I'm away from you, I either fantasize about things we haven't done yet, or I remember things we have done.

Sometimes, I fantasize about binding you, naked, spread out on the bed. I'd blindfold you and tease you to extremes of excitement. I'd touch you everywhere, sometimes with a caress, sometimes with a slap, sometimes with an insistent rub. In due course, I'd make you cum and watch you as you writhe in pleasure and arch your back to meet my touch.

Other times, I fantasize about wrestling you down onto the bed, and tying your hands together, behind your back, before stripping the clothing off you. I'd pull your panties down around your knees, and hold you over my lap while I spank you, again and again, till you cry. Then I'd take you from behind, and fuck you hard till I came inside you.

Sometimes, it's more subtle. I fantasize about ordering you to take your panties off while I'm driving us out to suburbia for dinner. It's dark out, and we have a half hour drive, and I want some entertainment. I order you to play with yourself while I drive, and your cries and whimpers push me to more and more excitement as we get closer to our destination. And just as you're about to cum - we arrive, and I tell you to stop.

Or, I think about making you wear that lovely little vibrator harness that I bought you at Christmas time. You know the one I mean - the one that holds a bullet vibrator against your clit so that my hands are free to do other things? I think about making you wear that, and having you sit, naked and collared, beside me on the couch while we watch a movie. From time to time, I'll increase or decrease the vibration. Sometimes, I'll stop it altogether. But it makes the movie harder to pay attention to, doesn't it, angel?

More than eighteen months, angel, and every day, I want you more. Every day, I want to spend more and more time with you. Every day, I want to push your limits, and see how far you're willing to go to either get or give pleasure. It's a journey of discovery, angel, and I'm still chasing you towards the horizon.


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It's inspiring to read of a couple who have such love for one another, and especially when the man reveres a woman for being a sexual being. Thank you so much for posting these letters.

— posted by: Snooze on January 19, 2006 11:20 PM

glad to see your back. i love some of your ideas.


— posted by: Tony on January 22, 2006 05:00 PM

I discovered your site a while back and I adore the letters to your angel. I let out a "yay!" tonight when I saw there was something new from you. Keep it up.

— posted by: daisy on January 26, 2006 10:39 PM


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