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Thursday, May 26, 2005
moving and missing

My darling angel,

Moving sucks. There's no two ways about it, moving sucks. Finding a new place sucks, packing up the old place sucks, unpacking the new place sucks. But it's finally over. I'm in my new place. There's some more pruning/unpacking to do, my schedule is starting to slow down, and my thoughts turn to you. More specifically, to the things I miss doing to/with you.

I miss

I've missed you, angel. I'm glad that I'm not going to be quite as busy now. Here's hoping we can make up for lost time.


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Wednesday, May 25, 2005
gags and noises

Dearest angel,

Although I love the dulcet sound of your voice, there are times when our play is enhanced by the introduction of a gag. In fact, I'm rather fond of both gags, and the effect that being gagged has on you.

Gagging a woman during sex is another form of dominance. It takes away her ability to direct, to instruct or request, and leaves her helpless and powerless to even influence what's happening to her. Every time I gag you, it seems to push you into a different level of submission. You get very eager to please, and very embarassed and excited by the noises you seem to make while gagged.

Gags, however, do nothing to lower the volume of noise that comes out of a partner. In the movies, a wisp of cloth over a woman's mouth makes her silent, and unable to be heard when she's trapped in the bottom of a closet. Yeah, right! When you're gagged, angel, you make an astonishing amount of noise - you're almost louder than when you're ungagged. And no, I'm far from complaining. I like that fact. What you are not, however, is coherent. Instead of words, or screams, you make muffled, distorted noises.

The noises are one of my favourite things about gagging. When I start teasing you, and talking to you, and asking you questions, your attempts to reply to me while your mouth is filled with a gag can be easily misinterpreted. Okay - they can be deliberately misinterpreted. And that leads to a number of fun games that I can play with you while you're helpless. Games like "Did you mean that you WANT me to fuck you like this?" or "Do you really want me to clip your nipples?" Watching your reaction when I say these things is amazing. Your eyes grow big and round, your actions become more frantic, and you try so hard to try to make yourself understood.

And as you get more and more excited, you tend to make less and less coherent noises. Combined with the gag, the effect is wonderful. I control you, your body, your body's reactions, and your voice. I can run my hands over your body, pinching here, caressing there, and elicit a variety of noises and reactions from you.

The Cloth Gag

The cloth gag is an old standard. You take a scarf, or a towel, or something, and tie it across her mouth, so that it's forced inside. You then tie it tightly, so that it can't be removed without hands. This can be harder than it looks. The tongue is a very strong, and very capable muscle, and it's surprising how much force can be exerted against a cloth gag.

These gags are a useful, handy gag to use for an impromptu play session. If you use the right material, you get a wonderful visual, but they don't do nearly enough in terms of making you incoherent. It's a good first step if you're trying to get a partner used to the idea of being gagged.

The Ball Gag

If you look at BDSM pornography for any length of time, you'll come across images of women with ball gags in their mouths. The ball gag varies in size and style, ranging from 1" in diameter to over 2". As you know, I own a couple of different ballgags, one that is a mere 1 1/4" in diameter, and another that is almost 2".

I prefer smaller ballgags to the larger ones. Depending on the partner, I'm more likely to use a 1 1/2" to 1 1/4" ball. They fit inside the mouth easily, they interfere with the ability to talk, and they can't be moved aside by the tongue.

But the larger ones are wonderful to taunt with, and I have to admit that the thought of you with a 2" ball gag stuffed into your mouth, and tightly buckled behind your head is intriguing. You would be completely unable to talk, because the ball would pin your tongue to the bottom of your mouth. However, it would also likely cause you tremendous pain in your jaws, and that's not a good kind of pain, is it, angel?

Ball gags also tend to cause the wearer to drool. This can be wonderfully humiliating. When I have you helpless, and gagged, I enjoy making you moan and mumble. And as you do so, you tend to drool, which embarasses you to no end. And as you get embarassed, you get more excited. It's a fun dynamic to take part in, and I love the results it gets.

The Ring Gag

The ring gag is generally a small, metal ring, covered in some softer material, sometimes rubber, sometimes latex, and sometimes leather. It is inserted into the wearer's mouth, and wedged between the teeth, before it is fastened behind her head.

We haven't used one of these yet, but I am tempted to get one for play. The idea of fucking your mouth while you have no control over it tends to get me hard. I love the idea of sliding my cock into that ring, and feeling your tongue around it, while I still having control over your mouth.

There are other kinds of gags, like whiffle gags, medical appliances, and dildo gags, but these three are the ones that I tend to think about the most. But who knows - maybe I'll surprise you one day, angel.


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