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Dear angel,

Is there any more wonderful sight than that of you, tied naked to the bed, writhing in lust with the after effects of a good flogging? I'm SO glad we got that wonderful flogger.

You know, when I started on this journey of kink, I didn't think that I wanted to be someone that enjoyed flogging. I mean, that seemed so extreme, so perverted. But since we first tried it, it's become one of my favourite things to do. (Note - I said *one* of my favourites, brat.)

The sound of a good flogging is intoxicating. The hiss of the flogger moving through the air is sexy, and full of anticipation. The sharp snap as it lands on flesh is so satisfying. The sudden grunt from you as the pain washes over you, then the moan of pleasure that follows.

And the sights involved in a good flogging are just as wonderful. Seeing your skin get red as the flogging progresses. Watching your hips as they writhe, almost out of your control. Watching your face as the pain hits you, and seeing how much you enjoy the pleasure afterwards. Watching you pull on the ropes when I've tied you before flogging you. And especially, seeing you get all red and wet and swollen, as the flogging progresses.

Flogging isn't hard to do properly, but it does take practice. When you first start to use the flogger, it can be a bit intimidating. There are all these strands to keep track of, and the tendency is to worry about them tangling, or of them not going where you want them to. My advice to newbies is this - don't worry too much about where the strands are going to go. When you swing the flogger correctly, the motion aligns the strands for you.

The flogger is a versatile toy to play with. With practice, you can deliver stinging sharp strokes, or solid, "thuddy" strokes. I know, angel - you like the "thuddy" strokes.

Floggers can be purchased that are made of all kinds of different materials. There are floggers made of ordinary leather, like this one. The stiffer leather makes for a very stingy experience. Then there are ones made of rubber, like this one. The narrow strands make this one sting when it's swung hard. This can be a very good thing, if that's what your partner likes. Personally, I like this one. Elk and deer hide make for very soft leather, and the strands are wide, so they deliver the impact to a wider area. Plus, the damned things just look wicked and decadent - which is always a good thing.

A properly made flogger will balance out the weight of the strands with the weight of the handle. Holding the flogger just behind the head of the handle, I can feel the rest of the handle balance it evenly. This gives me excellent control of where the business end goes. (Well, at least, with a little practice I was able to get control)

The trick to controlling the flogger seems to be to balance out the stinging strokes and the "thuddy" strokes. To deliver a thuddy stroke, I swing the flogger and aim to make an impact about 12" from the end of the strands. This spreads out the impact over a greater length of the strands. I swing it by flexing my wrist, while holding the handle firmly. By grasping the handle a couple of inches below the point where the strands connect to it, I can get a surprising amount of energy into the swing by doing it just right.

To deliver a stinging stroke, I swing the flogger like the tails were actually a rigid, instead of flexible. I aim so that the spot about 6" from the end of the strands hits the target, which is frequently your lovely ass. If the target is curved, then the tips of the flogger will wrap around, and deliver a stinging slap. When we first got the flogger, I remember watching your face as I practiced this on the bed a little. (I'd imagine that it would be fun to tie you so that you were watching, and then start practicing on the bed. But then, I've been told that I'm evil.)

The nicest thing about floggers is that by spreading the impact over a larger area, they let you use much more force when swinging it than you could get away with using a whip, or a riding crop. I can swing away vigorously with a flogger, and you get a nice, warm, tingly bum out of it. If I used any significant fraction of the same force with a riding crop, you'd get bruises. And if I use an even smaller fraction with "The Dreaded Paddle", you're in tears and unable to sit down. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but it depends on the demands of the scene.

The flogger also lets you vary the effect, depending on the area struck. For example, standing at your feet, and striking your ass with the end of the flogger has one effect. Standing at your head, and delivering a blow to the same spot has a different effect. With practice, I've been able to get the tips of the flogger to strike across your ass and back, as well as wrapping around your ass, and striking your thighs and pussy. Striking you across your back and arms as you move further into subspace has a different effect. And striking your breasts with the flogger seems to be exciting as well - your face shows a mixture of excitement, anticipation and worry, as you watch the blow land.

Yes, the flogger is a wonderful addition to our toy box, angel, and I'm very glad that we added it. Now, I have to return to the rest of my day, but at least I'll have lovely things to think about while I deal with annoying people all day.


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