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Dear busy angel,

How are we going to do it? How are we going to fit each other into our lives? Seeing you once a week is not enough. I want to see you more often. But there are things I can do to meet the needs that we both have for D/s in our lives.

It's hard to fit a relationship into a busy schedule. With us, it's doubly hard, because you have family and business issues to deal with, and I have family, business, and new job issues right now. In all of that, I find myself sitting at home, after a long day, thinking about you and what I'd like to be doing with (or to) you.

So how are we going to work it out, angel? What are we going to do so that we can maintain the happy balance between keeping a roof over our heads, keeping our families happy, and keeping our libidos well fed? I sat down and thought about it, and I've come up with a few ideas of things to try.

1. Assignments.
I've made assignments an irregular part of our relationship from the beginning. I know that when I began to give these assigments to you, you thought them somewhat odd. But I think that as time has passed, you've started to enjoy them, and even to look forward to doing them for me. Sometimes the assignments are simple, like "List 15 things that you'd like me to do to you, and write a paragraph on why". Sometimes, they may require more thought about your feelings, such as "Tell me why you want to be dominated by me". And sometimes, they're just ways of me making you explore your sexuality, such as "Go to at least three different sex stores, and get a clerk to take a picture of you with one sex toy you'd like used on you." None of these tasks takes very long. All are intended to make you think. And all are intended to let you know that I'm thinking about you, even if I can't be with you.

2. Steamy phone conversations.
This is an obvious and regular option available to us. In the past, we've managed to have long phone conversations, even when we can't get together. It's not nearly as good as spending time with you.

3. Sudden Domination
When we finally do get together, I will start a scene out of the blue, without warning you, or warming you up. I know that this makes you squirm, and I know that you love it when I do this. I'll make it particularly intense, and take you suddenly into subspace. If I can't take the time to properly tease you, I'll have to make do by compressing the experience into a shorter period of time.

4. More writing by both of us.
I'm going to do my best, now that my schedule is becoming clearer, to write you some stories and some provocative letters. I'll try to write you letters that are about things that I know you are curious about, and I'll get you write similar things to me. The advantage of this is that we can do it when we have time, rather than both of us having to be free at the same time.

I know - you're instant gratification girl, aren't you? That's one of the reasons that the slow, deliberate tease works so well on you. You want relief NOW - but the longer the teasing goes on, the bigger the payoff at the end.

I love you with all my heart, angel, and I miss spending time with you. But I know that eventually, our schedules will mesh, and we'll be able to spend long hours together, touching, teasing and pleasing. Till then, I'll be patient.


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I'm sure all that patience will pay off : )
Here's to your time together soon!

— posted by: JeN on February 12, 2005 04:03 PM


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