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Dear angel,

You know, darling, when you are in your brattiest mood, you can be quite a handful. One of the wonderful things about our relationship is that it affords us the freedom to act on many of our fantasies. So when you protested at my friendly swat at your bottom, I got to indulge myself on a number of different levels.

It was wickedly satisfying to hear your yelp of protest. I always think that the verbal element of BDSM is horribly under appreciated. The outrage in your voice when I swatted you the first time was delicious. It made me laugh, which did absolutely nothing for your obedience. The defiance in your voice as you realized that I was intent on continuing against your will thrilled me to no end. You didn't really think I was going to be satisfied with only one stroke, did you, angel? You know me much better than that.

When you rolled over on the bed to cover your bottom, I got to indulge my passion for dominance. I had decided you were to be spanked, and I was going to enforce my will on you. That's the essence of D/s right there. I'd decided what was to be done, and I was going to do it. I knew that you had your safeword to fall back on, but short of that, I was going to make you do what I'd decided. Even if you didn't like it - at first. There's a part of me, while we're playing this way, that thinks I really should stop and just hold you when you protest. But I know you well enough to realize that you really want me to take control. I get to ignore your protests, and I get to ignore the conventions required by society. I get to be naughty, and wicked, and erotic, and mean to you.

Wrestling with you on the bed got me even more aroused. You are such a wriggly bundle when you want to be, angel. You struggled to keep your bottom from my reach, but I was relentless, wasn't I? I could see that you were honestly trying to win. Every time I pulled, you pulled back. Every time I tried to turn you over, you wriggled away, or turned back. When I finally pushed you off the side of the bed, I could hear the triumph in your voice. You were sure that you'd gotten away, weren't you, angel? Were you surprised when I trapped your upper body against the bed? Were you dismayed that I pushed you back onto the bed in a convenient position to be spanked? I don't think so. I think you were happy - I could hear the satisfaction in your voice as you protested.

You wanted to be overpowered, didn't you, my naughty girl? You wanted struggle against me, only to be taken (almost) against your will. You certainly didn't struggle as much once I started spanking that lovely bottom of yours. Oh, you cried out, your protested mightily and loudly. You told me how "not nice" I was to you, and once even called me "mean". Do you know how delighted I was when you caught yourself and had to thank me for my meanness, angel? I get a thrill every time you call me that, and every time you thank me for it. I know you do to, because I can hear it in your voice.

And as I spanked you, watching your bottom become red from the blows of my hand, I could see you getting more and more turned on. When you tried to protect your bottom with your hand, it was easy to trap that hand behind your back. And when I was done with you, I could see how wet and swollen your pussy was from my attentions. You loved that spanking, didn't you darling? It made you all horny, all over again. Of course, that was the point of the spanking, after all.

Now, hopefully I can find my notes before the end of the week. I seem to have left them where I can't get to them for a few days. But I should be able to get them on Thursday, and I'll write more about what I did while searching for you, angel.


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I, too, am a fighter. It just feels so good to fight and be overcome. It feels right and natural and makes the submission, when it comes, that much sweeter.


— posted by: nightangel on March 27, 2005 12:21 AM


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