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Dear angel,

My fertile mind has come up with a list of 101 things to do to my darling angel.

1. Tie you up and tickle you till you scream
2. Tie you up and tease you till you cum.
3. Make you masturbate in front of me
4. Make you masturbate in front of the window
5. Record your voice while I play
6. Take you for a long walk, wearing your cuffs under a long sleeved shirt
7. Teach you to deep throat me
8. Write you dirty poetry
9. Spank you
10. Spank you while you're tied
11. Flog you while you're tied
12. Flog you while you're tied with a vibrator
13. Flog you while you suck my cock
14. Flog you while you're blindfolded
15. Flog you while you're gagged
16. Lick your pussy while you're on the phone with S.
17. Play with your breasts while you're on the phone
18. Make you suck my cock while I'm on the phone
19. Make you suck my cock while I'm on IRC...
20. ... and let you wonder what I'm saying about you
21. Make you wear your collar to Northbound Leather for a visit
22. Make you wear your collar to a movie theater for a show
23. Make you wear a crotch rope to a movie
24. Make you wear a crotch rope to dinner
25. Make you wear a crotch rope to dinner with YOUR friends
26. Spank you thoroughly before we go to dinner, so that your bottom is sore all through dinner
27. Make you remove your panties halfway through dinner
28. ... while at the table.
29. Go shopping for a remote controlled vibrator with me
30. Go shopping WEARING the remote controlled vibrator, with me.
31. Go shopping for sex toys with me
32. Go shopping for sex movies with me
33. Go shopping for BDSM toys with me
34. Go to the Everything To Do With Sex show
35. Take you and your friend S to the Everything To Do With Sex show
36. Buy stuff at the Everything Show, and make you show it to S
37. Make you take pictures of your sex toys, and send them to a friend
38. Make you write a dirty story about yourself, and send it to me
39. ... or to a friend
40. Gently Dom you in front of your friends
41. Overtly Dom you in front of your friends
42. Make you stand beside me on the subway
43. ... in a skirt, with no panties
44. ... and covertly touch you, late at night
45. Meet you at a bar, and have you come on to me, obviously
46. ... then take you out back and have you suck my cock
47. Sit behind you at a movie, and play with the back of your neck
48. Gently grope your ass on an escalator
49. Take you to a munch and introduce you to others in the community
50. Take you to a munch and make you wear your collar
51. Take you to a munch, and make you wear your collar and your corset
52. Take you to dinner in your corset
53. Flog you in your corset
54. Flog you in heels and stockings - and rope
55. Flog you till you cum, then fuck you hard
56. Fuck your breasts and cum in your face
57. Lay you over my lap, and play with your pussy while I watch TV
58. Lay you over my lap, and play with your pussy while I watch porn
59. Flog your back till you glow, then use the icecubes
60. Use icecubes on your nipples, then warm them with my mouth and tongue
61. Drip warm chocolate on your breasts, then lick it off
62. Drip warm chocolate on my cock, and have you lick it off
63. ... with your hands tied behind your back
64. Watch you nap, wearing your collar and cuffs, sated
65. Tease you to incoherence, tied to the bed, then stop
66. Fuck you in a men's room
67. Fuck you in a women's room
68. Fuck you in a stairwell
69. Fuck you bent over the couch
70. Spank you while you're bent over the couch
71. Read you a new, naughty story I wrote
72. ... while you're bound and helpless
73. ... and tease you mercilessly
74. Tie you to the bed, and bring you to orgasm orally
75. ... twice
76. Bring you to orgasm with my hand, then fuck you as you cum
77. Take your hair in my hands, and fuck your mouth
78. ... while you're tied
79. ... and blindfolded
80. Fuck you with a vibrator in your ass
81. Fuck you with a vibrator in your pussy
82. Fuck your mouth, while you have a vibrator in your pussy and in your ass
83. Use your eroscillator on you while you're tied
84. ... and blindfolded
85. ... and gagged
86. Bring you to the edge of orgasm, then stop, and take you out to dinner
87. ... then fuck you as soon as we get home
88. Write you a really good sex story
89. Surprise you by playing a recording of you during sex on my car CD player
90. Bring you roses and chocolate - and a new spanking paddle
91. Tie you helpless, then play with myself while you watch and can't touch
92. ... and cum on your stomach
93. Tie you to the balcony rail of your apartment
94. ... naked and collared
95. ... and tease you to orgasm, early in the evening
96. ... or flog you, late at night
97. Make you cum in the shower, with me
98. Gently wind my fingers in your hair, on the subway
99. Whisper what I'm going to do to you when we get home, while in line at the grocery store
100. Tell you how beautiful you are as I tease you
101. Tell you how much I love you as I make you cum with my fingers.

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Dear Sir,

I suppose I *should* thank you for the wonderful list - reading it is a little like a trip to the candy store as an adult, a mixture of "yay me!" and "oh, dear".


Number 65 and 86 in particular mention you arousing me unbearably and then stopping.

Which is just mean!

(thank you, sir. damn those rules!)

You wouldn't actually do that to me, would you? What have I ever done to deserve that? ;-)

Although I begin to understand how I will begin to lose points rapdily - by using them up begging you to allow me to orgasm when you didn't intend to do so!

Mean. (thank you, sir.)

— posted by: Neko's Angel on October 13, 2004 02:41 PM

Mmm. What a wonderful list. Now you've given me ideas of things to do to my darling C. :-)

— posted by: B. on October 13, 2004 07:45 PM

Dear angel,

Perhaps you should turn that around? Perhaps you should think of what you could get away with if I were to be so mean to you as to stop before you were ... ready?

You've done nothing to deserve such treatment, darling. Nothing except for being the sexiest woman I've ever met. ( And you babble SO sweetly when you're on the edge, darling. )

And, as you said, you can always use your points to get me to let you orgasm. What are you up to now? 10 points or so?


— posted by: Neko on October 13, 2004 09:55 PM

B. - why do I think you didn't really NEED any more ideas? And why do I think that C. is in for a few fun experiences?

Hope they are as much fun to do for you as they will be for us.


— posted by: Neko on October 13, 2004 10:00 PM

Neko - I'm sure B doesn't need any more ideas too!

But it should be fun - that's an interesting list :)

— posted by: C. on October 14, 2004 07:42 PM

It is indeed a good list, although I would have imagined that most have already been checked off??? :)

— posted by: dawn on October 15, 2004 01:17 PM

Mmmmm - nice list, Neko! You serve a wicked menu of lovely, nasty things to do!

Wife better watch out!


— posted by: Urbanstud on October 16, 2004 05:56 AM

dawn - some *have* been checked off, but many have not.

Urbanstud - angel appears to be quivering in nervousness upon reading the list - or is that excitement?


— posted by: Neko on October 16, 2004 11:35 AM

My husband has been resting on his Dom-laurels too long. His techniques (however delicious) are growing rusty. So I sent him this list to re-ignite his creativity: I can hear him chuckling DEVILISHLY at his computer right now!
So, thanks. I guess. Or not. ???

— posted by: Claire on October 17, 2004 11:01 AM

Claire - glad to help boost someone's creativity. I take no responsibility for the frustration you may (temporarily) experience, however. Feel free to let me know how it goes, though - I'm always curious.


— posted by: Neko on October 18, 2004 03:20 PM

Nice, i love the list, will be sending MJ over to read it later. by the way, the Everything To Do With Sex Show is awesome, went last year and plan to go again this year! Should be loads of fun. Take care!

— posted by: temptation on October 19, 2004 05:47 PM

Wonderful list, Neko! I just emailed it to L, to get her started thinking about what things may be in store for her in coming [no pun intended] days.

Perhaps it's pure dom-chauvinism, but I've long thought that any good dominant (male or female), almost HAS have an imagination fertile enough to grow wheat in. You are certainly evidence in support of my theory.

BTW, congratulations on the new digs. Looking good here. And, it seems quite appropriate for a Dom to have a domain! :)

— posted by: John on October 28, 2004 04:32 PM


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