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separation and passion

Dear angel,

Separation sucks. I know, I know - you have to be there. I know you have to be there, and I want you to be there. But I miss you already. You're only gone one day, and already I wish you could come home and be with me.

It's quite amazing to me that you generate this kind of passion from me. I thought, after the events of the past few years, that I wouldn't feel this kind of passion again. But every time I talk to you, every time we're together, the flame is kindled higher.

Sometimes, it comes out as teasing. Our constant battle of wits is one of the things that both causes the passion, and expresses it. When we're deep in conversation, I find myself going out of my way to tease you and get you flustered. It's a game for me - see how quickly I can get angel groaning at a pun, or find out how red I can make you blush.

Sometimes, it shows in the way I look at you. When we're snuggled on the couch, and you look up at me with your beautiful eyes, I feel the passion. When you look up at me with lust burning in your eyes, I feel the passion. When your eyes plead with me because you can't... quite... reach my cock from your bound position on the bed, I feel the passion.

Other times, I know that you can feel it in my touch. When I pull your hair as I kiss you. When I hold you down and tease you with my mouth and cock. When I run my hand down your back while we walk down the street, and when I put my hand on the back of your head when we stand in line for a movie, I know you can feel the passion in my heart.

I've been blessed in many ways in my life, angel, but the day I met you was a special kind of blessing. You make so many things in my life better, and I do my best to show that to you.

I miss you, angel, and I hope you take care of yourself while you're gone.


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