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Dear angel,

Have I told you lately that you look lovely in rope?

Our last encounter has been playing through my mind all morning long, and I keep flashing back to the look on your face when I tied you to the bed. It was a lovely combination of lust, concern, and anticipation.

Of course, this is the exact expression I was trying to invoke, so it was immensely gratifying. Every time I tie you up, your imagination begins working overtime, going through all the different things that I could do to you.

When I tie you on your back, I know that you start thinking of ways I'll tease your lovely breasts. You moan and squirm when I take your nipples into my mouth. I love the way your pussy grinds against me when I sit above you, gently touching you, driving you crazy. I can see in your eyes that you need my touch, that you need to be taken, RIGHT NOW - and I chuckle as I take my time.

When I tie your hands behind your back, I can see you start to get excited right away. You start thinking about being spanked, and about being teased without being able to touch me. When I push you onto the bed, when I start hitting your lovely ass, I can hear the excitement in your voice, and I stretch the moment out. Will I spank you with my hand? Will I get "The Paddle", or will I get that lovely flogger we bought together? Will I strike you hard, or HARD? And I watch as these emotions play over your face, and chuckle as you twitch in anticipation every time I touch you.

And then, when I start to spank you, your cheeks get that lovely shade of red. And they get SO sensitive to the touch afterwards. It's fascinating to see you get all swollen and wet as I spank you. You have such an amazing reaction when you're helpless and being spanked or flogged. It's very satisfying - not to mention arousing - to see that you're enjoying yourself, even when you're crying out in pain.

And afterwards, taking you finally, after all the buildup. Taking you hard, and fast, and hearing you cry out, and beg and plead as I pump my cock into you. I watch your face as I do all of this, and I love seeing the joy there, seeing the satisfaction as I fill you up. Watching as panic rushes across your face when I pause and make you beg me to continue. Watching the relief flood your eyes when I continue.

And afterwards, holding you in my arms, feeling you shudder as the aftershocks race through your body. Laughing at how shy you get over what you just did with me. Hearing your astonishment that I make you feel so wonderful. Feeling the heat of your skin against mine, as we both recover. Whispering naughty things into your ear as I hold you, and feeling you push against me in excitement.

There are so many ways that you make me happy, angel. Every day I thank the stars that I found you. Every day, I try to give back just as much joy.

Much love,


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