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Dear angel,

I've been doing a lot of thinking lately. As you know, due to circumstances, it's about all that I've been able to do. I've been thinking, and cataloging all of the things about you that I find wonderful. Here is a short sampling that list.

You have a quick mind, and a wit to match. Have I told you lately how much I enjoy talking with you? Whether we're trading quips and zingers, or sharing experiences and fantasies, your mind works like quicksilver, flowing from one topic to the next. Our conversations flit from topic to topic, from serious to silly. And in these conversations, you understand my stories, my jokes, and my puns without explanation, following the flow effortlessly.

You are a strong, independent woman. I don't have to worry about you not being able to do something without me. I don't feel that I'm needed in your life. God save me from being needed. I'd much rather be wanted than needed. You are more than capable of fixing things in your apartment, or standing on your own during troubled times. Yes, you are willing to lean on me when I offer a shoulder, but I know that you can handle your own life on your own.

Your eyes are mesmerizing. They are so expressive, and so beautiful. When you look at me in a certain way, the hunger fills me and I'm driven to take you right then and there. Sometimes it happens when we've just kissed, and you are tentatively looking up at me. Sometimes, it's when you blush, and look over at me with lust and embarassment.

Your breasts are so beautiful, and so sensitive. I love to look at them, and to touch them. I love to touch them all over, whether it be at the oh-so-sensitive nipples, or on the soft skin underneath them. I love to kiss your breasts, and suck on your nipples. I long to suckle on them while you writhe beneath me, bound and helpless.

Your brattiness delights me. The way that you tease me, the way that you call me a pain in the ass. They way you groan at my jokes, and the way that you metaphorically stamp your foot to try to get your own way. I love the battle of words and wits that seems to arise so often, and the way that you react when I've had enough and put you over my knee for a spanking. There's nothing so appealing as a brat who's just been put back into her place.

I love the contradiction of your shyness with me. The way that you can't quite bring yourself to say things plainly with me. The way that you'll skirt around certain topics and subjects. And the way that you react when I order you to speak plainly. It's like I'm constantly seducing you, constantly teaching you how to talk about these things. Especially since I *know* that you have no difficulty in talking about these things with other people in your life.

Your trust honours me. This is a powerful aspect of our relationship. You trust me with yourself. To tease you, to punish you, and to please you. You trust me to take control of an encounter. You trust me to listen for your safeword, confident that I'll listen (which I, of course, always will). You trust me enough to let me suggest new things to try.

I am constantly pleased by your curiousity. Curiousity about your body, about your reactions to my tender ministrations. Curiousity about my body, and how I'll react to yours. Curiousity about the world. Curiousity about people. You share such a thirst for knowledge with me. I want to teach you about things, and learn things from you. I want to explore so many things with you, angel. Curiousity may have killed the cat, but it's a wonderful aphrodisiac to me.

You have such a spankable ass, too. It's so wonderfully shaped, and even more wonderfully responsive to the palm of my hand. When I spank you, you wriggle it from side to side, but never try to escape. And when I'm finished, it has such a wonderful, rosy glow to it. We still have to perform a serious experiment with the crop, don't we, angel? I wonder if your ass will react the same way to the crop that it does the the palm of my hand. And when I get that wonderful deerskin flogger that we were looking at, will you be quite as eager to offer your ass to me?

And finally (for now), your eagerness to please me has a powerful effect on me. You are constantly trying to balance the desire to be told what to do with the desire to do things that will please me. I'm truly honoured that you choose to try to make me happy, angel. It is a gift to me that I do my best to give back to you in return. Whether it's getting me a drink, or helping me with my website, or coming over to help me when I'm sick, you offer your time, your care, and your attention to me without hesitation. I want you to know that it is very much noticed, and very much appreciated, angel.

It's been too long since we were together, angel. I'm looking forward to seeing you again, and showing you how I feel about you. Till then, I hope that my words here will suffice.


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