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hunger and surprise

Dear angel,

I was very pleased with you when I arrived at your apartment. You were waiting for me, wearing your collar as directed. A hunger filled me that day, and you'd been warned.

What were you expecting when you opened the door? Did you think that I'd come in and do the usual greetings? Were you surprised when I immediately pulled you to me and kissed you deeply? Were you shocked when my fingers probed your pussy immediately?

You offered no resistance when I ordered you to put your hands on the couch. I could feel your excitement as I pulled your miniskirt up over your hips. Roughly, I pushed your legs apart, and inspected your naked cunt. One finger, then another I pushed inside you. The glass of water that you'd thoughtfully put out for me provided an opportunity I couldn't pass up.

Your gasp as the icecube touched your thigh was very gratifying. I ran that ice cube up and down your thighs, hearing you whimper and watching you wriggle involuntarily. I was so pleased that you didn't try to get away. You merely whimpered as I held the cold to your skin. And when I lightly brushed it over your pussy, you jumped, didn't you?

But the hunger demanded heat, not cold, that night. When I released you, I saw lust and excitement in your eyes. You retrieved the toy bag, and followed me into the bedroom as ordered.

Once there, I took the cuffs from your dresser drawer. They were metal, with leather lining, and they fit so nicely around your wrists. Snug, but not too tight. As I closed the brass locks, I could feel something different between us. Did you feel more helpless because of the locks? It's a different feeling than when I tie you up. Somehow, it's more serious, isn't it?

I took your top off, and chained your hands behind your back. I usually prefer using rope over chain, but the chain complemented your cuffs so nicely. Once I blindfolded you, you had no option but to stand there quietly, waiting for my next move. I looked at you, so eager for my touch. Your mouth was open, and you were breathing heavily already. Your nipples were already hard. I reached down, and pushed your legs apart and moved behind you.

You jumped when you my hands found your nipples. I took them between my fingers, and gently squeezed them, while cupping your breasts. You moaned, and leaned back against me, grinding your hips against my cock. My darling angel, I wanted you so badly. But I was far from finished preparing you.

Once the leather cuffs were around your angles, I stood back, and got out the riding crop. As I gently ran the tip of the crop along the flesh of your legs, I could see you tensing. As I ran the crop up your calf, and thigh, I could see the uncertainty on your face. I gave your thigh a little taste of the crop, just enough to keep your attention. I could see you concentrating on where the crop would strike next, while I removed my pants. Quietly, I took them off and place them out of the way.

A sharp tap of the crop on your belly kept you focussed. When the tip of the crop moved across your breasts, your breathing quickened. Did you know that you did that? Your breasts are so sensitive, aren't they, angel? You can feel every little touch, no matter how light. What were you thinking as the tip of the crop moved towards your nipples? Were you afraid that I'd strike the nipples with the crop? Did that excite you? Or were you hoping that I'd do just that? Your face was a study in conflicting emotions.

On the other hand, I was clear with what I wanted to do. I struck each breast once, lightly, and moved the crop up to your face. I ran
the tip across your cheeks, under your chin, then across your lips.

"Kiss it, angel", I told you. You kissed the tip of the crop, and I ran it down between your breasts, down to your pussy. One small tap there, and then I struck your thighs with it, hard. One stroke, then another, and I removed my shirt while you were distracted. I hooked my fingers in your collar, and pulled your face to mine. Deeply, I kissed you. Your mouth opened, hungry for me, and I probed your mouth with my tongue.

I let you go, and retrieved a feather from the black bag. Lightly, I touched your breasts with it. Your gasps were quite gratifying. The contrast between the pain of the crop and the tickle of the feather must have been interesting. Across your breasts, underneath them, across the skin of your neck, and you were twitching and wriggling. You were almost ready for me. I removed my underwear while you were distracted this time. I slid your miniskirt down your hips, and then pulled you close to me.

The feel of my skin on yours was surprising, wasn't it? The feel of my hard cock against your belly, and my hands on your hips, pulling you close to me. Kisses on your neck, kisses on your lips, kisses on your breasts - it must have been disorienting. But your reaction told me how much you were enjoying yourself.


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