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My darling angel,

It's been a while since my last letter, but as you know, life has a way of interfering with our plans.  I miss you, angel, and think of being with you constantly. I know things are chaotic in both our lives right now, but don't worry - this will pass.  And when things settle down, I want to spend an entire weekend with you, just talking, touching, and playing. 

We'll start off on the Friday night, having dinner and seeing a movie.  I'll tell you to wear a skirt and no panties, and I'll be doing my best to distract you. 

I'll make naughty suggestions during dinner, and watch you blush.  I'll run my foot up your calf and thigh under the tablecloth, and make you move your knees apart during dinner.  And you'll start to get excited.  When the waitress leaves after bringing our dinner, I'll start asking you questions about what you're feeling, and make you tell me.  You love to be forced to express your lust, don't you angel?  You get so embarrassed, but it turns you on so much.  After dinner, we'll walk to the theater, and I'll put my hand on your ass as we walk, making sure that I don't feel any panty lines.

Once the movie starts, I'll periodically touch your arm in the darkness.  The touch will be gentle, just enough so that you can feel the fingertips on your skin.  I'll watch your face as I do this, to see you close your eyes in reaction.  I'll lean over and whisper to you.  Whisper things that I want to do to you in the theater.  I'll tell you how I want to make you suck my cock, how I want to tie you up on your bed and tease you.  How I want to spank your lovely ass, with my hand, with the crop, or with the flogger.

I'll put my hand on your thigh, and move my fingers on the sensitive flesh there.  What will you do, angel?  Will you close your thighs around my fingers?  Or will you open your legs to allow me more access?  Will my hand move higher?  or will it stay where it is, teasing and tickling you?  I'll eventually move my fingers higher, and feel your wetness.  You will be wet, won't you?  You want me to tease you in public.  That's why you enjoy these letters so much, isn't it?
After the movie, we'll walk back to your place.  You'll be wet, and excited, on the trip home.  I'll walk slowly, window shopping.  I'll tease you, too, angel.  I'll tell you things I want you to do, and things I want to do to you.  I'll hold your hand, or put my arm around your shoulder, and hold you close to me.  I'll lift your chin and deeply kiss you, making sure that you know that I'm teasing you.

And once we're alone in the elevator, I'll push you up against the wall, and kiss you deeply.  My hands will reach under your skirt, and I'll play with your pussy as we go higher and higher in the building.  Will your breathing be a little ragged, angel?  Will you struggle when I start to reach for your skirt?  It doesn't matter, does it?  You want me to do this - you want to be touched, intimately, in a public place.

And once we return to the apartment, I'll put your collar on you, and continue the teasing.  I'll lift up your skirt, and start stroking your ass with my fingers.  Teasingly running them from your ankles to your pussy, and up across your ass.  Then down the other side, and back up again.  Each time, I'll reach between your legs, and insert a finger into your moistened pussy.
You'll whimper, won't you, angel?  You'll be standing there, in your living room, holding your skirt up, and whimpering.  You'll want more than this,  you'll need more than this.  And then I'll start to spank you.

Just a light spank, to start with.  As I do this, I'll watch your face, I'll watch for the surprise to hit you.  Then I'll spank the other cheek, and watch again.  I'll continue to run my hands over your body, continue to tease you.  I'll take your blouse and bra off, and have you stand with you hands on the coffee table, looking out over the city.  And I'll stand behind you, reaching around to play with your breasts.

One hand will be playing with a nipple, and the other one will start spanking you.  Not hard, just enough to let you know what's happening.  Then I'll stop spanking you, and continue teasing your breasts.  You know what will happen then, don't you angel.  Your ass will start to tingle.  I know you - it will start to tingle, and you will want more spanking.  I'll keep teasing you, and wait for you to ask for more spanking. 

Maybe I'll spank you as soon as you ask.  Maybe I'll make you beg for it.  It depends on my mood, and how good a girl you've been all evening.  If you've been saucy, teasing me and hassling me, like you usually do, then I'll make you beg.  If you've been a good sub, then maybe I'll immediately start spanking you more.

And as I spank you, I'll have you count the strokes.  How high will I go?  Will you get 20 strokes?  30?  Or will I go all the way to 50?  Do you think you could take 50 strokes on your ass, angel?  Could you stand still and let me spank you 50 times with my hand?  Or would you ask me to stop before then?  Would you use a safeword to get me to stop, or would you just beg me to stop? 

Ah, angel, I do miss spending time with you.  Life has conspired against us for a little while now, but it will settle down.  And when it does, I want to spend an entire weekend exploring that lovely, responsive body of yours. 

I'm looking forward to it, angel.


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Oh, Jesus.

— posted by: Sharon on November 12, 2005 08:13 AM


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