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Dear angel,

I close my eyes at night, and dream of you.  Dreams sprinkled with giggles, moans, and the soft thud of leather on skin.

You sit at my feet, looking down.  Your eyes are closed as you listen to my voice.  I'm giving you instructions, and for some reason, I'm very excited by what's about to happen.  My words, surprisingly, are indistinct.  But your reaction is clear.  You start to giggle, and look up at me in disbelief.

I notice that your hands are bound behind your back.  I see that the soft cotton rope is tight around your wrists, and that you have very little ability to move them.  Your elbows are tied to your waist, and there is rope between your breasts, and crossing your shoulders.  You look like a pretty package, ready to be unwrapped and played with, but there is still the matter of your lesson.

I speak harshly to you, and your laughter quiets, and your gaze drops to my crotch.  I look down, and I can see my hard cock inches from your open mouth.  Already, your tounge darts out to lick your lips in anticipation.  I move closer to you, and you try to move forward but seem to be stopped by something.

Your ankles are bound together, and there is a rope running from them to your wrists.  I can see your naked ass, and the end of an anal plug emerging from your sphincter.  I order you to begin, and you take me in your mouth.

Oh darling, you so love to suck my cock, don't you?  You love to feel the hard length of it in your mouth, love the taste, and the smell.  I can feel your tongue on the shaft of my cock, as you tease the underside from tip to base.  Then your head pulls back, and I feel the flat of your tongue trace the same path in reverse.  Three or four times, you repeat this, then you stop to hold just the head in your mouth, as the tip of your tongue flicks at the slit of my penis.  God, it feels wonderful.

You begin to move your head back and forth again, sucking hard as you take me into your mouth.  I love the feeling of compression I get when you do that, and I know how proud you are to have learned to please me that way.  Again you stop to tease the tip of my penis.  You glance up at me while you are teasing, and I'm taken by how much you are getting out of this.

Then you start to giggle.

It's only a quick one, followed by a return to moving your head back and forth.  I'm puzzled by the giggle, but I'm also annoyed.  You're not doing as you were told.  You're not following instructions.  So, I raise the flogger, and swing it towards you.  I hear the thud of the leather against your skin.  I feel your surprise and gasp, as the sensation washes over you.  Once, twice, three times, I strike you,  each time just as you are about to take my cock into your mouth.

You pause and look up at me, and I look back, sternly.

"Do it right," I say, "Do it like I told you to"

You nod, never letting my cock escape your lips.  You return to your task, and I can now feel a vibration accompany the sensation of your tongue and lips.  Sensation washes through me, and I close my eyes, to concentrate on it.  Back and forth goes your head.  I reach down, and take the hair on the back of your head in my fist.  I can hear you moaning a little now, and open my eyes to see you start to squirm a little bit.  You can't move your legs apart, because I've tied the knees together.  In and out, tongue and lips, and that wonderful vibration.

Then you giggle again.

I'm faster with the flogger this time.  Once, twice, thrice, across your naked ass.  Faster and harder.  I feel you gasp, and moan a little.  Again, I hit you three times with the flogger, and I can see the redness begin to rise in your skin after I pause.  You're moaning more now, but still pumping your head back and forth on my cock.  As I punish you a third time for not following instructions, I see you collect yourself, and refocus on your task. 

Once again, that wonderful vibration begins, and I realize that you are humming a tune as you suck my cock.  I watch your face as you close your eyes, and focus on the sensation in my penis as I come closer to orgasm.  I look down at you, bound and aroused by me, and totally happy to be so, and I take your hair in my hand again.  As I come closer to orgasm, I begin to control the pace, forcing your head onto my cock instead of letting you push forward.  My hips begin to grind my cock into your mouth, and I can feel the head of my penis on the back of your throat.  An orgasm begins to come, rising from my feet, and I push your head faster and faster.  And all along, that wonderful humming continues.

Just before I start to come, I hear another giggle, but I'm too close, and I cum, filling your mouth with my seed.  You moan, and begin to swallow, sucking and licking all you can get from my cock.  I hold your head against me, feel the pulsing of my cock slow, and let go of your hair.  You suck the last bit of cum from my cock, and begin to kiss and lick the shaft of my penis.

I look down at you, as I recover from the orgasm, and I'm very pleased with you, but puzzled.

"Why did you giggle, angel?  Why couldn't you do it like I told you to?"  I ask you.  I'm surprised to find that I'm not disappointed with you for your actions.

Your eyes light up and you smile.  Then, with another giggle, you answer me, "Sir, I'm sorry.  I really, really tried, but I can't do it without giggling."

"But why not, angel?", I ask in confusion.

"Because I always giggle when I think of the 'Itsy Bitsy Spider', sir."

Little angel, it has been far to long since I've seen you.  I'm very much looking forward to being with you soon, and explaining to you the error of your ways.

Take care of yourself,


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