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To my angel,

I can hardly wait till Monday.

I read your emails, and the anticipation grows.

I send you emails, and the anticipation grows.

I fall asleep, thinking about you.

And the anticipation grows.

It's been an interesting experience, to meet someone online with such siimilar interests, with such convergent fantasies. I've chatted with many women over the years. Women from LavaLife, from Yahoo Personals, and women from other, more specific websites. You're the first woman that I've felt this immediate connection with.

You don't just enjoy my fantasies, you enhance them, you tell my your fantasies in return, and you seem to quiver with eager anticipation. I thoroughly enjoy making you quiver. I thoroughly enjoy playing with your mind, sharing my fantasies with you, and trying to identify what fantasies interest you the most. The danger of this, of course, is that I may fail to live up to the expectations that I've set up for you. Expectations of what it will be like to play with me, to be with me, and to share time with me.

I don't think that the danger is great. From our chats, our emails, and our phone conversations, I think that we'll be able to have a lot of fun over the next while, at least.

Yes, I realize that this sounds suspicious. I've been burned too many times in the past by relationships that started with a bang (pun intended) and ended with recriminations. I try to take each day as it is, and find things to enjoy as they come.

I make no promises at this time for us. I cannot. Nor can you. We are two adults, who have found many, many layers of commonality between us. This is the beginning, and what happens, will happen. It may be good - for a long time. I'm hoping so.


I do make promises of what I will do with you.

I promise that I will tease you.

I promise to do everything I can to learn what pleases you the most.

I promise to teach you ways to please me.

I promise to make you feel safe, and appreciated.

I promise to make you feel wicked and naughty.

I promise to share laughter, serious conversation, and opinions with you, without reservation, without posing or falsehood. I will only be me, not who I think you want me to be.

I will write you naughty, wicked, erotic stories, designed to inflame and excite you.

I will explore your sexuality, as I explore mine, and together we will find a wonderful place where we can try things that we are ashamed to think about.

You will be my angel, and I will bind you, and take you, and make you beg, and make you scream.

I will do things to you that you never realized would excite you. I will watch you squirm, excited and embarrassed. I will bring you to the brink of orgasm, only to halt, and let you recover.

You will beg me to touch you,
you will try to get away from my touch,
you will plead for my touch.

I promise you new experiences, in and out of the bedroom. In public, secretly. At night, with the fear being caught. In a darkened theater. In a resturaunt. At a coffee shop. I will tell you things that will excite you. I will do things to excite you. I will make you think about things that will excite you. And I will calmly sit with you, and watch you squirm, and bite your lip, and look at me pleadingly.

I do not do these things only for myself. I do not want to do this merely for the joy of doing them. I do them because you want them too, because you enjoy our little games as much as I do,if not more. I want to find the depths behind your smile, behind your shyness, and make you feel like the exciting, sexual woman that you are..

It won't be perfect. I will have days where I don't want to play, where I just want to talk, or be alone. I am a man, full of all the things that implies. And you won't always be as eager as you are right now, you'll have days where you don't want to be played with, where you just want to be held, cuddled, and listened to. You are a woman, full of all the things that implies. But I'll be as patient as I can.


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