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A Pleasant Fantasy

Good morning, my angel.

You were so beautiful this morning, sleeping peacefully after our long night, that I hesitated to wake you. Your face is so relaxed when you sleep, and you had a little smile on your face as I watched you. But I had to get up.

I gently began running my finger across the skin of your arm. I smiled as I remembered how much you enjoyed that last night. Your arms were bound above your head, and your face was pressed against the bedroom door. I stood behind you, fully dressed, and began to run my finger across your shoulders. You gave a little shiver, and started to giggle. I kept this up for a while, before stroking the skin of your arms, concentrating on the insides of your elbows. Do you remember how you moaned as I did that? Do you remember getting wet, as I moved elsewhere, stroking the skin of your neck, of your legs, and behind your knees? Do you remember how aroused you were, squirming, and trying to push your hips back towards me as I played with your pussy - touching oh, so gently, almost indistinct, but maddening at the same time. We kept this up for quite a while, didn't we - you helpless and bound, and me, teasing and in control.

As I stroked your arm, your eyes opened to see me smiling down at you.

I kissed you and said "Good morning, my angel. Did you sleep well?" Seeing your eyes light up that way made me glad that I'd decided to stay the night. Our hug was strong, but not desperate. It was a hug of two very satisfied lovers, looking forward to the day, and very pleased with the previous night.

We got out of bed, and I enjoyed watching as you took your position at the bedside, to watch as I dressed. I sought out my clothes, having to search for where they'd landed the night before. When I was dressed, I came to sit on the bed, and you rested your head on my lap, sighing happily. As always, I asked you the ritual morning Questions.

"Do you hurt anywhere, angel?", I asked, while stroking your hair.

"No sir" you replied, after a moment's pause to take inventory.

"Are you ready for the day, angel", I asked.

"Yes Sir, I am ready to face the day"

"Do you know your tasks for the day, angel?"

"Yes Sir"

"Repeat them to me, then, angel"

"I am to make myself clean and ready for the day, Sir. I am to trim my pussy for you, Sir. I am to take care of the household duties, including walking the dog, while wearing my collar and the medium dildo. I am to do 20 minutes of Kiegel exercises twice today, and I am to be waiting on my knees by the front door when you arrive here tonight."

"Very good, angel. And are you happy with your tasks?"

"Oh, yes sir, very happy"

"Good girl. Now come give me a kiss, and you may start your day."

At that, I pulled your face to mine, and kissed you deeply, chasing your tongue with mine, probing deeply into your mouth. A little groan escaped your throat, and I chuckled, releasing you. You hurried to the kitchen, to make my tea, and I settled down at the computer to read my morning news.

Once you had brought me my tea, you waited patiently by the computer for me to notice you. I chuckled to myself, as I felt you waiting, while I finished reading an article. I waved for you to place my tea on the desk, and hooked a finger in your collar as you bent to put the cup down.

I pulled your head down, level with the desk, and held you there with one hand, as I explored your breasts and pussy with the other. You were trembling with desire by the time I finished with you, and as I released you, I turned you around, and swatted your bottom.

"Off you go, angel. Get yourself nice and clean for me, and do NOT play with yourself in the shower. You are NOT to cum this morning."

I returned to my reading, and you scampered off to clean yourself. By the time I was finished, you were drying your hair. I rose to come inspect you.

You had placed the collar and dildo on the bed, as required, and made yourself ready when I came in the room.

To Be Continued....


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