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What a Wonderful Evening

Dear angel,

What a wonderful evening we had.

The weather was lovely, just warm enough for a walk along the main street. I remember, clearly, holding your hand in mine. Such lovely warm skin, such a natural feeling to hold it in mine. If I close my eyes, I can see your smile, with your eyes lighting up, as I tell you how pleased I am to finally meet you in person.

You have a wonderful smile, or should I say, wonderful smiles. Because, of course, you have different smiles for different occasions. The surprised smile when I compliment you, the shocked smile when I tell you something naughty, the shy smile when I pulled you close and kissed you for the first time.

What a wonderful kiss that was, too. You, a little hesitant as my lips meet yours. Then eager, and hungry for more. Oh - that was a kiss full of promises. Did you know that you look up at me with pleading in your eyes when I break off a kiss? Your eyes gleam, and I can see the fire behind them, wanting more, wanting it now - but still nervous.

I love talking to you, too. As we walked, we talked about anything and everything that came into our heads. Movies, the contents of the stores as we passed, business ideas, news. And every once in a while, I'd drop a comment about sex into the conversation, just to see you get flustered, and lose your train of thought. It's adorable!

Your skin was softer than I thought it would be. Much softer, and very sensitive. I thought you were going to get lost in yourself when I started tickling your upper arm as we sat on the bench. So you didn't know how a soft touch on that spot would affect you, hmmm? I'm sure that there are other spots that are similarly sensitive. I look forward to seeking them out, and seeing what kind of an effect they will have on you. I can't wait to start touching you, your neck, your waist, your arms, your back, and your legs. I want to find every spot on your body that thrills you. Every spot that makes you squirm with delight.

Oh yes, angel, I plan on finding every possible spot to delight you. A woman's body is a magical thing to touch. Every different touch brings a different reaction. A light touch just *there* will make you incapable of speech as I stroke. A firmer touch *here* will make you gasp, and have you trying to get closer as you simultaneously try to get away. A sharp touch *there* will bring a heat to you that will make you squirm and moan. Many different touches, many different places. And I plan on finding them all.

Holding you close in the bookstore, near closing time, I told you to feel my ass. Hesitantly, you touched it. "No, *feel* my ass, angel" I told you, and you let go your hesitation. Was that hesitation because of the public venue? Was it because it was our first date? Was it because you misunderstood, or were shy? I could see you try to throw those off, and felt you touching me, firmly, biting your lower lip. Yes, I was watching your face as you squeezed my ass, angel.

Then, before we left, I pulled you back to me, grinding my hips lightly against your ass, as I held your hips. You gasped as your realized what I was doing, and I chuckled in your ear. Oh yes, you have lovely hips to hold, and I can only imagine what it would be like to take you from behind. You will be *so* responsive, won't you? Grinding your hips as I thrust into you from behind. Moaning and panting as I play with your breasts, your pussy. Gasping in shock as I spank those wonderful buttocks of yours.

As the evening wore on, I was sure that you were enjoying yourself. You fit so wonderfully into my arms. You looked up at me, eagerly, as I kissed you beside the store fronts. Your left hand was deliciously trapped in my right, and held behind you. Did you see yourself bound and helpless before me right then? Did you wish that we were alone, and naked, right then?

And as the evening wore to a close, and we walked back to your apartment, I kissed you, hard, and deep, and when I broke the kiss to look at you, you gently whispered "Please". Oh, dearest angel, how lucky I was to find you. How serendipitous was it that you read my email at just the right time. I look forward to spending many, *many* hours, pleasing you, and taking pleasure from you in the days ahead of us. I want to taste you - all of you. I want to see you in the throes of ecstasy. I want to touch you everywhere, often. I want to smell the scent of your hair, and the nape of your neck. And I want to hear you moaning, crying out, and laughing.

I fell asleep smiling, thinking of you last night, and I woke up restless, wanting you near, and anxious for the rest of the week to pass so that I can see you again. You've awoken a hunger in me, dearest angel, a hunger to please, and to be pleased. That is a hunger that I must sate, and a hunger I must control. For I must remain in control. For now.

You are a remarkable woman, and I feel blessed to have met you.

Till we see each other again,


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