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Dear angel,

It's always fun to take a walk through a department store now. For some reason, since I met you, I've been seeing the bondage possibilities of a surprising number of everyday things.

For example, walking through the tool department gets me considering the nefarious uses of clamps, bungee cords and rope. Small portable workbenches give me ideas of things to tie you to. Lumber and other building supplies start me thinking of furniture designs for bondage play.

Walking through the home decorating area shows me brushes, sponges, and soft cloths for sensation play, and paints for messy play.

The electronic entertainment area shows me large screen TVs, hand held video cameras, and digital still cameras.

The food aisle gives us chocolate sauce, cherries, bananas, grapes, and more. Messy, delicious, AND sensual.

The kitchen area gives us scissors, knives (for clothing - calm down!), wooden spoons, cutting boards, tea towels, counters, and tables.

In the men's department, we find belts and ties for bondage.

In the women's department, we find knee highs, lingerie, and short skirts.

The shoe department gives us high heels, in various styles and heights, mules, and sandals. Oh, and those little stools that the clerks sit on have possibilities too.

Furniture stores show us the amazing range of things to tie you to. Couches, futons, beds, desks, tables, chairs, coatracks, ottomans, and more are displayed for my lacivious imagination to use.

Bed and bath areas are no better - I see these departments and my imagination goes wild. Towels, shower heads, jacuzzis and towel racks in the bathroom. Sheets, both cotton and satin, let alone silk, capture my imagination, along with various beds.

In the lighting department, I'm fascinated by the possibilities. Imagining you, bound and helpless, under a variety of different lighting conditions. Would that spotlight alone be bright enough to make you feel watched? Would that set of track lights illuminate the area enough to make you feel more exposed? Would that mood lighting be dim enough to encourage your inner slut?

Yes, angel, I'm afraid that my mind tends to get preoccupied more and more as I spend time with you. It's a good thing that I'm good at multitasking, isn't it?


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